• Holcomb Proclaims School Choice Week

    Governor Eric Holcomb will shine a brighter spotlight on Education next week. Joining leaders across the county, Holcomb has proclaimed January 20th through the 26th as School Choice Week. Nearly
  • Norbert Brown is 2018 Citizen of the Year

    Norbert Brown will receive the 2018 Citizen of the Year award from the Vincennes Civitan Club today. Brown is a noted local historian who has found unique ways to celebrate the city’s history.
  • Opioid Treatment Program

    A new Opioid Treatment Program could soon be coming to Knox County. The Hamilton Center was recently notified by the State of Indiana they were being awarded a pair of
  • Utilities Services Board Goals for 2019

    The Vincennes Water Utilities have laid out their goals for 2019. During the first Utilities Services Board of the year, Water Utilities General Manager Kirk Bouchie said the new year
  • A sign from a house close to Roncalli High School protests the treatment of a guidance counselor. Shelly Fitzgerald's job has been threatened by the school over her marriage to a woman. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

    Lawmakers Against Discrimination In Voucher Schools

    Some lawmakers want to keep state money out of schools with openly discriminatory policies, in response to the ongoing controversy over Roncalli High School putting an employee on administrative leave
  • (Zach Herndon/WTIU)

    Gary Teachers Suspended For Cheating On ISTEP

    The state has invalidated 2017 ISTEP scores for an entire school in Gary, after an investigation into what education officials are calling one of the biggest cheating cases involving teachers.
  • Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush delivers the 2019 State of the Judiciary address. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)

    Rush Hails Progress In 2019 State Of The Judiciary

    <img src=”/sites/indiana/files/styles/default/public/201901/loretta_rush_2019_state_of_the_judiciary.jpg” alt=”Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush delivers the 2019 State of the Judiciary address. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)”> Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush hailed better service for what she calls
  • Streeter to Remain as EMA Director

    John Streeter will remain Director of the Knox County Emergency Management Agency. At their meeting two weeks ago, a motion for Streeter to be reappointed as EMA Director died without
  • State Law on School Shootings

    The Noblesville school shooting last year may bring a change in how Indiana law treats teenage gunmen. The student who wounded classmate Ella Whistler and seventh-grade science teacher Jason Seaman
  • Holcomb Plans To Raise Teacher Pay

    Holcomb’s plans to help raise teacher pay and improve Indiana’s economy in several ways didn’t get much argument from Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Indianapolis), following the State of the State address
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