Commissioners Approve Funds for CASA Move

Posted on November 20th, 2018

The Knox County Commissioners have given their stamp of approval to the renovation of office space in the back of the Veterans Affairs Office.

Last week, the Knox County CASA program announced they were cutting ties with Children and Family Services. Effective December 21st, they will be a county agency, and will need space to operate.

For the time being, they will move into the former Gregg Law Office, in the back of the new Veterans Affairs Office on 7th Street in Vincennes. That space, however, needs renovation.

That renovation work will include new drywall, heating and air, carpet, painting and other projects. Commission President Kellie Streeter says, after using remaining money from the purchase of the VA office and a few other resources, the project is going to cost around $20,000.

The Commissioners approved funding the project at that cost, contingent on whatever funds CASA can bring to the table to help offset the price of the work.

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