RDC Opens Bids for 6th & Main Lot

Posted on November 16th, 2018

The Vincennes Redevelopment Commission opened bids Thursday for construction of a second parking lot at 6th and Main Streets.

Kerns Excavating and Wabash Utilities of Vincennes along with Milestone Contractors of Bloomington submitted quotes including a second bid for additional lighting.

Kerns bid was the lowest of the three price quotes submitted. The work would include repaving the former Conoco Service Station on Sixth Street, adding a canopy, landscaping and lighting.  

RDC Members agreed to take the cost estimates under advisement so that City Engineer John Sprague can review them.

Meanwhile, board member Bob Slayton says he was recently approached by the owner of Procopio’s restaurant about the need for additional parking along 2nd street.

He asked fellow board members if they knew of any plans the city might have for addressing parking issues.

Board member Mark McNeece reiterated his stance that the city needs to do a comprehensive study of parking needs downtown.

Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum and City Engineer John Sprague were out of town and unable to address those questions.

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