USB Chooses Bid for New Equipment

Posted on November 15th, 2018

The Vincennes Utilities Services Board accepted a bid for a new piece of equipment.

At their meeting Wednesday afternoon, the Water Utilities General Manager Kirk Bouchie presented three bids for a new CASE brand skid loader to the USB.

Those bids came from RPM Machinery, Wilson Equipment and Diamond Equipment.

Diamond came in with the lowest bid, just under $57,000 after factoring in the trade value of the department’s current skid loader, a 1995 model.

Because of the cheaper cost, and a solid track record in the past, the Board unanimously approved the bid from Diamond.

In other news, the Board agreed to have members Matt Schuckman and Brian Johnson continue on as its Salary Review Committee in 2019. The pair will determine the financial compensation for Water Utility employees in the new year.

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