Oaktown Project Changes Not Well Received

Posted on November 15th, 2018

Changes to a proposed project in Oaktown aren’t being well received.

The Indiana Department of Transportation held a Public Hearing in Oaktown, unveiling changes to a proposed plan that would drastically alter the nearby stretch of U.S. 41.

In March, INDOT announced plans to close the intersections of U.S. 41 at Freelandville Road and Old U.S. 41. In their place, INDOT hopes to put a pair of median u-turns that would require drivers to firs turn the opposite direction the wish to go, before making a u-turn in their desired direction.

That initial announcement was met with a full room if disapproval earlier this year, and last night wasn’t much different. After meeting with local farmers and businesses, INDOT announced changes that would see extended turn lanes and u-turn widths, as well as installed street lighting for increased visibility and speed signs to make both north and south lanes safer.

INDOT Southwest Communications Director Jason Tiller explains the reason behind the change.

Some Oaktown residents, however, don’t believe their concerns were heard. Others believe the new changes to plan will only make the project worse.

County Commissioner Kellie Streeter called on INDOT to further study the traffic in the area before making any final decision.

INDOT recorded all public comments last night, and they will be included in the decision INDOT makes in the future.

According to INDOT, they hope to get the project underway sometime in 2019.

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